12 Most Annoying Habits of Therpists


by drnorm on Mon May 25, 2009 8:27 am

I would like to share some information that was written in The National Psychologist – May/June 2009.
PsychoCentral.com compiled the following list of therapists habits that readers complain about the most:

1. Showing up late for the appointment
2. Eating in front of the client
3. Yawning during a session
4. Too much self-revelation
5. Being hard to reach by phone, cell phone or computer
6. Becoming distracted by phone, cell phone or computer
7. Expressing racial, sexual, musical, lifestyle and religious preferences
8. Pets are generally not an appropriate part of psychotherapy
9. Hugging and physical contact
10. Inappropriate displays of wealth or dress
11. Clock watching
12. Excessive note-taking

Examples of the above are found in this article.

Soft Signs to Determine if your Child is Using Chemicals

Bad kids

1. Does your chiold seem to be changing? Is your child becoming more inrritable, secretive, upredictable, hostile, depressed, uncooperative, apathetic, withdrawn or sullen, less affectionate, easily provoked, or oversnsitive.

2. Is your child becoming less responsible?

3. Is your child changing friends, dress code, or interests?

4. Is your child more difficult to communicate with?

5. Is your child beginning to evidence physical and/or mental deteriorations?

6. Is your child’s behavior becoming more intolerable?

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